Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Top 5 Places Where Breastfeeding is Forbidden

This morning I came across this article on social networking and journal site The Stir, where Mary Fischer details the top 5 places where she feels mothers should either avoid nursing or cover up whilst doing so. The main problems seem to be centred on other people's comfort; she doesn't like the idea of her young son seeing breasts, she doesn't like the idea of people who are eating seeing breasts, and she doesn't like the idea of pervy men seeing breasts. She even thinks that God shouldn't see breasts, and he's the one who created them.

(Interestingly, upon reading this article I came across a link to another journalistic treat from The Stir, entitled "Mom kicked out of pool for breastfeeding and she deserved it", which in turn contains a link to another article entitled "10 reasons I am dreading nursing my new baby". Hmm.)

So let's have a look at this top 5, shall we?

Number 1 - In the swimming pool
I admit, when I first heard the story of Stephanie Wilby and how she was ordered to get out of the pool to breastfeed her baby, I had some understanding of how other swimmers may have felt. Not about being exposed to breasts, but of the leaking of breast milk into the water. But then, after a post on my Facebook page from one of my followers (hm, that sounds a bit sinister, doesn't it?) I changed my opinion and ended up completely defending the woman on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff. After all, with all the babies and children - and even adults - who urinate in the pool, what harm does a little breast milk do? Babies find it much more difficult to keep warm than adults, so it is quite understandable when a mother does not wish to leave the warmth of the water to breastfeed her child. If nothing else it is a breach of her human rights to ask her to move, as the lifeguard did.

Number 2 - On a plane
Planes are full of perverts. Didn't you know that?

Number 3 - Kids' sporting events
Because children are also perverts, apparently.

Number 4 - Church
Uh... oops. Sorry God.

(Pearl's Christening, February 2013)

Number 4 - Restaurants
Oh, um... well, uh... this is awkward.

Carluccio's, Norwich

Gregg's bakers, Norwich

The Lamb Inn, Norwich

Jarrold's café, Norwich

Subway, Great Yarmouth

Sainsbury's café, Norwich

Bella Italia, Norwich

A café in Great Yarmouth

The Range café, Norwich


  1. Fantastic :D I heard you on The Wright Stuff - you were so composed :D

  2. Awesome!! I've nursed where needed!! I say if people don't like it don't look!! My kids are proud of me and they are teen girls! They even tell their friends that if they want to come over then they need to understand that mom is breastfeeding and her breasts will be pulled out when Airy is hungry or if she feels like a fast sip.

  3. For me any place is good for breastfeeding. Some people still can't get it but it't their problem.

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